Welcome to KidActive

This isn’t your average ski school. In fact, it’s not a ski school at all. KidActive is snow much more.

Of course children need tuition in order to achieve their potential on the piste, but they need more. At KidActive we provide not only professional ski instruction but a host of other outdoor activities including skating, sledging, afternoon trips and snow games.

This variety ensures your children fall in love with the snow and have the holiday of a lifetime, leaving you to relax and enjoy your skiing safe in the knowledge that they are having as much fun as possible!

KidActive provides skiing instruction in association with The Swiss Ski School and a range of winter activities for children aged between 4 and 6. We work with small groups to maximise learning potential.

Your child will fall in love with skiing and the snow forever

Booking with KidActive guarantees a 10% discount at Dorsaz Sport, a rental company located opposite the Matterhorn Express lift station who will help with the provision of suitable equipment for children.